Skin Cancer Treatment Center

Skin cancer is serious and can be deadly.  The two most common kinds of skin cancer are basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer. Basal cell cancer is a slow-growing cancer that seldom spreads to other parts of the body. Squamous cell cancer also rarely spreads, but it does so more often than basal cell cancer. These two types are non-melanoma skin cancers and easily treated. There are different choices and options for treatments depending on the type and severity of skin cancer. Melanoma is a very serious form of skin cancer that accounts for most skin cancer-related deaths. Melanoma affects all age groups, and can be cured and treated in its early stages. For patients who have this skin cancer we offer the best treatment available, MOHS micrographic surgery. That is why we have created the skin cancer center to provide you with the best options and the latest treatments for the various types of skin cancer. Living in sunny South Florida increases the risk of skin cancer for people, which is one of the reasons we have a dedicated skin cancer center within our office to offer the most up to date treatments using state-of-the art equipment especially designed for the treatment and cure of skin cancer. Prevention is the best defense against skin cancer, minimizing time in the sun and exposure to damaging ultra violet rays is key. Learn more about one of the only skin cancer treatment centers in Miami, visit: Miami Cosmetic Derm.

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