Why Does Our Skin Age?

Skin aging is caused by a combination of natural aging and exposure to sunlight. A little bit of sunshine goes a long way, helping to boost vitamin D levels and keeping seasonal affective disorder at bay. However, soaking up too much is incredibly bad for our skin. Add to this the inescapable factor of time, as our bodies age, the fat layer below the skin naturally shrinks and the result is sagging skin, wrinkles, and discolorations: the characteristic signs of skin aging. Our skin has multiple layers that protect it from environmental factors, such as bacteria and ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is the top layer, while deeper layers of skin are rich in collagens and other proteins, which are responsible for skin's strength and elasticity. These layers of skin take experience lots of wear and tear during our lives, and over time, irreparable damage accumulates. But why is skin unable to repair this damage?  When we are younger our skin contains lots of proteins, but as we age enzymes become more prevalent and slowly degrade the proteins. The result is lost elasticity and sagging skin. Fortunately, today medical science has advanced tremendously with non-surgical remedies to restore elasticity, and firm up sagging skin. There are a variety of cosmetic non-invasive fillers and minimally invasive laser treatments the are extremely effective in helping to keep your skin looking younger, more refreshed and healthy. Visit Miami Cosmetic Derm to learn more about the latest cosmetic dermatology treatments.

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