What to Do When the Entire Family Has Sensitive Skin

What to Do When the Entire Family Has Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin runs in families so it’s no wonder if an entire household has all of its members complaining of itchy, dry, and flaky skin. Apart from genetics, other factors that can exacerbate the symptoms of sensitive skin include one’s age, the weather, medications, and certain skin care products.  Our professionally trained, Board Certified dermatologistshave helped families cope with extreme skin sensitivity by coming up with a personalized skin care plan.

By and large, prevention and treatment of the symptoms of sensitive skin at our practice is centered on the following basics:

1. Choose fragrance-free products as much as possible. This is not just limited to skin care products but should also include detergents, bathroom cleaners, air fresheners, and the likes. Natural fragrance ingredients can even trigger sensitive skin reactions.

2. Avoid washing too often. Take the face for example. Standard skin care advice will tell you to wash your face twice a day. However, if you or a family member has sensitive skin, you might want to skip the twice-a-day habit and consider washing with gentle cleansers once a day instead. If you feel the need to wash, just splash some clean, cool water. 

3. Do not use hot water unless you really need to. Hot water can easily irritate the skin.

4. Moisturize religiously and choose moisturizing products that do not just retain moisture but also soothe sensitivities and irritations.

5. Get in touch with Dr. Crowell regularly. A dermatologist would be able to assess your specific skin type and recommend which products will be effective in making sure that the entire family’s skin glows with health.

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