Chapped Lips Year Round?

What if Your Chapped Lips Has Nothing to Do With the Weather

The appearance of chapped, dry, and cracked lips is often associated with cold and harsh weather conditions. A quick fix via your favorite lip balm is frequently the standard advice for winter-proofing those soft and delicate lips.

Yet recently a young woman came in for consultation about her chronically chapped and cracked lips. One might be quick to point out that it could be the recent cold weather doing its bidding but the thing is, she just spent the last 6 months backpacking around tropical Southeast Asia where it’s actually feels like summer most of the time.

So what if your chapped lips has nothing to do with the weather? It could be you’re allergic or sensitive to the following known lip allergens: 

  • Your favorite lip balm! Oops, you may not know it but certain products such as Vitamin E, certain fragrances, rosemary, eucalyptus, and mint can actually trigger chapped lips. Consider changing brands and reading labels if you suspect that your lip balm has to do with those flaky lips.
  • Mint. And it’s everywhere — from chewing to dental products.
  • Cinnamon, including the ones found in tea, skin care products, and beverages.
  • Citrus! Yes, we’re talking about those slices of lemon you put in your water or that orange juice you had with your egg sandwich for breakfast.
  • Prolonged sun exposure. So that young woman who backpacked her way across Southeast Asia and ended up with chapped lips when she returned back home, it turns out that frequent sun exposure was the culprit.

If you’ve been experiencing chapped lips for a while now, consider avoiding the aforementioned allergens and triggers for at least a week and observe your lip’s reactions. If the problem still persists, please call (305) 274-0221 ext. 100 or 125 or visit Miami Cosmetic Derm to learn more!


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