VISIA Complexion Analysis – A Digital History of Your Skin

Most skin damage is a result of accumulated sun exposure, toxins in the environment, an individual’s lifestyle, and the inevitable aging process. Damaged skin can appear very thick, deeply or mildly wrinkled, contain dark spots/blotches, have visible veins, or sag. Fortunately, there are many cosmetic dermatology treatments designed to both repair and improve the skin’s appearance. Our skin care professionals offer a broad range of cosmetic services such as injectables, dermal fillers, lasers, pharmaceutical grade skin care products and esthetician services with the latest technology to enhance and maintain your skin’s health and appearance. Further we encourage our patients to have a cosmetic consultation*, which can include an evaluation using our Canfield VISIA Complexion Analysis, that delivers a digital history of your skin. A cosmetic consultation is recommended so we can review your skin and prepare treatments specific to your needs and skin type. From this analysis we will customize a treatment and skin care regimen best suited for your skin care needs.   Watch this video to learn more: Visia Complexion Analysis

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