Sunscreen – Too Much Of A Good Thing?

We all have heard the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and for good skin care prevention is paramount. So daily application of sunscreen, especially in our sunny South Florida local, is a must. However, research has found that using sunscreen too much can also lead to vitamin D deficiencies because sunscreens prohibit sunlight (a natural source of Vitamin D) from penetrating the skin. Vitamin D, as research has shown over the years, plays a key role in calcium absorption in the body and aids in proper functioning of the immune system. Therefore, having a Vitamin D deficiency can have negative impacts to your health and has also recently been linked as a possible cause of hair loss. For those affected with a Vitamin D deficiency and who are experiencing hair loss as a result, there is a promising remedy available today. Anacaps, an oral medication, Anaphase shampoo and Ana Stim topical solution are FDA approved, over-the-counter treatments for acute hair loss that have produced very good results. For chronic hair loss, Anacaps and Anaphase shampoo are a good treatment option to use in conjunction with Neoptide as the topical solution. Again very good results have been achieved for chronic hair loss patients. These treatments are currently available for women and a formula for men will be on the market in early November 2014. Our office has successfully treated hair loss patients, call us today to learn more 305.274.0221!

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