Stop Skimping on Skin Care

Aging is an extremely daunting idea from almost any angle, and just one scoop of the inevitable sundae of adulthood is the prospect of fading skin. Though it seems trifling, treating your skin right is extremely important for maintaining a healthy complexion.
Skin care is like piercing care — everyone has their own specific routine that they hail as the be-all and end-all, while in reality, different things work for different people. Because this can be such a fragile process, it’s important to start slowly and introduce products one by one.

A good routine goes a long way to help skin look healthy and fresh. So follow these simple steps for a good start on keeping your skin looking its best:

Morning: Wash your face with water. Moisturize. Wait until the moisturizer dries, then don’t forget to apply some sunscreen.

Night: Remove your makeup, if you use any. Clean your face thoroughly with water. And always be sure to moisturize before you hit the hay.

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