Skin cancer – Signs, Symptoms and Treatments

There is so much information on skin cancer today it is difficult to sort through it all. The statistics are staggering, over 3 million skin cancers are diagnosed each year which makes them the highest type of diagnosed cancer, more than all other cancers combined. Melanoma Skin cancer, the deadliest form will claim the lives of over 9 thousand people this year alone. Knowing the simple warning signs of Skin Cancer can help you identify and get the proper treatment, these are:

Asymmetry: Half of a mole doesn't match the other.

Border irregularity: The border is blurred or ragged.

Color: The mole has a variety of colors, often shades of brown, tan or black, with patches of pink, red, white or blue.

Diameter: Lesion is new or at least 1/4 inch in diameter.

Evolving: Mole is changing in size, shape or color

If you notice any of these there now, very good and aggressive treatments for the different types of skin cancer. Here at Judith Crowell, MD and Associates we offer a comprehensive skin cancer treatment center for our patients. We have the training and expertise to accurately diagnose and treat any potential skin lesion or skin cancer, and will recommend the most effective treatment. The good news about skin cancer is that if caught early it is 90% curable!

Safe, Effective Treatments

We offer Mohs surgery a state-of-the-art treatment effective for Melanoma skin cancer. It relies on the precision and accuracy of the microscope to trace and remove all of the skin cancer down to its roots. MOHS surgery has the highest cure rate (over 90%), the lowest chance of re-growth and offers the minimal possible surgical scar. We also offer treatments for non-melanoma skin cancer. Radiation oncology SRT-100 is a non-surgical device to safely, and effectively deliver fast, painless treatments for non-melanoma skin cancer. This state-of-the-art procedure treats the skin cancer with Cosmetically Superior results, meaning, no ugly scars or disfigurement. SRT-100 removes the skin cancer not your skin! All of these treatments are available in our the comfort of our office.

The best and most effective way to keep your skin healthy is to have regular skin exams. Schedule yours today!

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