Traveling? Here’s A Quick Skin Care Guide

Quick Guide to Taking Care of Your Skin on a Long Haul Flight

Are you about to have a long haul flight? Before you declare that you’re ready for your plane ride, Dr. Crowell, a board-certified Miami dermatologist, recommends the following tips to avoid dry, flaky skin by the time you reach the other side of the world:

  • Go makeup-free as much as possible. Give your face room to breathe.

  • Moisturize both from the inside and the outside. Increase your water intake and avoid drinks that tend to dehydrate and are filled with artificial sugars such as sodas, energy drinks, and alcohol. On the other hand, choose a facial moisturizer that you’ve tried and tested before to work well with your skin type.

  • Keep the mini skirts and short shorts in your luggage. It’s certainly cold up there and you do not want to suffer from extremely dry and flaky skin in your legs. Tights, leggings, stretchy pants, and long-sleeves are ideal pieces of clothing during long haul flights.

  • Consider wearing socks to keep your feet dry and clean. You do not want to wear your shoes for approximately 24 hours.

  • Snooze your way through the entire flight. Sleep is your skin’s way of repairing damage and restoring moisture. Although the in-flight entertainment system may be top notch, consider putting those movies on your to-watch later list.

  • Don’t forget to stretch your legs by doing leg lifts on your seat or walking regularly to and from the washroom.

  • You might also want to “spritz” some facial mist into your skin to keep your face hydrated without touching it. 

Would you like to have a personal consultation with Dr. Crowell before going on a long haul flight? To schedule an appointment, please call (305) 274-0221 ext. 100 or 125 or visit Miami Cosmetic Derm to learn more!

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