Pelleve-Smoother, Tighter Skin Without Surgery

Pelleve is a revolutionary laser treatment designed to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin.  As cosmetic treatments continue to make significant advances using science and technology, Pelleve is one of those treatments. This non-invasive, nearly painless treatment uses radio frequency to heat the skin and stimulate collagen production for a beautiful smooth result without surgery! Since this treatment is FDA approved it is safe and controlled so it can be used around the eyes, on the lips, to lift the brows and to smooth the skin around the mouth and lips. It can also be used on the neck, which often shows signs of aging faster than the face, as well as on the hands.  Recent statics show that approximately 87% of patients who had the Pelleve Treatment experienced an improvement in skin tightening and fewer overall facial wrinkles for six months or more. Learn more about this non invasive skin cosmetic treatment to firm and tighten your skin, visit Miami Cosmetic Derm

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