Looking for a Natural-Looking Lip Filler? Then Volbella May Be for You!

Volbella is a non-surgical lip augmentation treatment is designed to plump the lips and minimize the appearance of fine lines around the mouth. These fine lines, which occur naturally as we age and smoking can exacerbate, have previously been difficult to treat, so we are excited about Volbella as a new treatment option. Volbella, an FDA approved dermal filler, is unique in that it contains a revolutionary, patented component, Vycross technology, which consists of cross linking of high and low weight Hyaluronic Acid to form a smooth gel. This unique formula allows for improved hydration and elasticity to the treatment area resulting in a smoother, more natural look.  Volbella is long-lasting, so most patients see their results lasting up to a year with just 1 treatment.  Contact our office today to see if Volbella is right for you!   Learn more about Volbella, visit Miami Cosmetic Derm.

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