Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal: Is It For You?

When it comes to removing unwanted hairs, laser hair removal is often the top choice in comparison to to other hair removal techniques. We get a lot of queries concerning hair removal via laser.  So are you an ideal candidate for such procedure?

On a whole, laser hair removal is for you if you have dark, coarse hair and lighter-toned skin. Individuals with dark skin may have to explore other options but may still benefit from the procedure, albeit with less better results than those who have lighter skin tones. Also, individuals with red, grey or blond hairs may not also enjoy the full benefits of laser hair removal. If you recently acquired a tan, you may have to wait for the tan to fully fade before scheduling for the procedure. Laser Hair Removal in Miami

Our Alma Laser platform technology provides long-lasting results, unlike the outdated methods of removing unwanted hair, which lasts for a very short period of time. In comparison the extremely slow and painful method of electrolysis, laser hair removal assures gentle treatments that produce quick and smooth results. To schedule an appointment, please call (305) 274-0221 ext. 100 or 125 or visit Miami Cosmetic Derm to learn more!

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