Judith Crowell, M.D. – Trusted Expert in Cosmetic Skincare Treatments

People are living longer, healthier lives. With this positive trend comes an increase in the popularity and prevalence of anti-aging skincare products and cosmetic procedures. Spas, salons and cosmetic counters all offer products that promise the fountain of youth. Even nurses, general practitioners, gynecologists and dentists are joining the trend, performing Botox, Dysport and filler injections. But beware, says Judith Crowell, M.D. “These treatments should not be taken lightly,” she explained. “They are extremely effective when performed correctly, but can have terrible results when they are not.” Dr. Crowell is seeing more and more patients who are seeking her help to correct cosmetic procedures done elsewhere, which resulted in bumps under the eyes, puffy lips or drooping eyelids. The bottom line: You are putting your appearance and possibly your health at risk when you go to someone who is not properly trained in the aesthetics and anatomy of the skin and muscles that are affected by Botox and injectable fillers, says Dr. Crowell. Your skin, after all, is your body’s largest organ. Who do you trust to help you take care of it? “A qualified doctor has studied what occurs in the aging face,” Dr. Crowell said. “It takes knowledge, skill, credentials and experience to combine the science and art necessary to achieve a beautiful and natural look.” - Read more.

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