Introducing, NOVATHREADS, the facelift without CUTS OR INCISIONS!

NovaThreads are just the latest in minimally invasive cosmetic treatments. The treatment consists of pre-loaded needles with a PDO thread designed to lift the skin. Your dermatologist simply inserts the whole needle in the subdermal level of the skin, parallel to the surface, and pulls the needle out, leaving the thread in the skin.The PDO thread remains under the skin to lift and refresh the look of the skin. The results are immediate and last until the thread (made of reabsorbable suture material called Polydioxanone) dissolves, in approximately 4-6 months. NovaThreads can be inserted/injected almost anywhere but are especially good in the area of the jaw and neck to smooth and lift the skin. To learn more about this amazing new cosmetic technology, visit: NovaThreads.

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