iLipo For Weight Reduction? YES!

How does iLipo help in weight reduction?

iLipo offers a very safe, effective, and fast way to reducing your weight as well as achieving a well contoured figure. iLipo uses the dynamics of your body’s natural processes in eliminating fat. The iLipo laser triggers a chemical reaction in the body that breaks down the stored fat and converts it to waste that is released through the lymphatic system and then transported to the different body tissues and converted to energy through metabolism.

Unlike other weight reduction treatments, iLipo does not have any harmful effects on the body and the tissues surrounding the treatment area. The fast results achieved through iLipo increases a patients resolve to start living a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced diet and maintaining regular exercise. iLipo not only make our patients look good, but also it makes them feel great about themselves and their new found health.

What can patients expect after an iLipo treatment?

iLipo treatments show very visible results even after one treatment. Clinical studies show a 30% reduction in the body’s fat layer after an iLipo treatment is performed. We have seen a decrease of about 2-4 cm in a patient’s abdominal circumference in just one session. This is one weight reduction program that is guaranteed to be fast, effective and safe.

After the desired weight has been achieved, we advise our patients that it’s crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent fat from being reabsorbed and to continue enjoying you’re their new body profile.

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