Dysport – Smooth Fine Lines and Wrinkles!

Dysport is an FDA-approved injectable treatment widely used in the United States as an alternative to Botox®. Dysport is made from Botulinum toxin, as is Botox and they produce the same results. Dysport offers a safe option in treating age lines in the face and neck, such as crow’s feet, wrinkles in the eye area, horizontal lines in the forehead, neckbands, chin dimpling, and bunny lines. Dysport is injected into the skin, however, unlike Botox®, patients can see the the results a day or two after the treatment. How Does Dysport Work? Dysport is similar to Botox®, although some research suggests that Dysport may be faster-acting and longer-lasting. It also spreads farther from the injection site, thus allowing a broader area of small wrinkles (such as the “crow’s feet” lines that splay out from the corners of the eyes) to be treated with fewer injections. This latter feature has a disadvantage, however. Unless skillfully applied, Dysport may spread to muscles, such as those in the upper eyelids, that you don’t want relaxed. That’s why it’s essential that you receive these treatments from an experienced physician. Patients may notice a few minor side effects, like soreness at the treatment area and a slight headache. But those will quickly go away within a couple of days. Learn more: Visit Miami Cosmetic Derm or call 305.274.0221

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