Acne? Tips for Managing

A recent article posted in The Huffington Post headlined “Can Popping Pimples Kill  You?” talked about the perils of one of the most common habits that people do when a pimple appears.  Our dermatologists have always discouraged this habit as it could only make matters worse, making one prone to scarring and infection.

The Triangle of Death

The aforementioned article further explained how popping pimples could actually kill you, that is via the Triangle of Death. “Blood vessels in this area drain to the back of your head, at the base of your brain. This area also opens up to the sinuses. If not treated right away, an infection in your sinus cavity can be very serious, leading to paralysis, loss of vision, or even death. That’s a mighty good reason to keep your hands off those pimples, wouldn’t you say?” the article quoted.

Acne Prevention and Treatment in Miami

Apart from lifestyle changes via diet and exercise, regular visits to a trusted dermatologist is one of the best ways to reduce the appearance of blemishes in your face brought about by acne.  Our dermatologists thoroughly consider the various factors that influence acne formation — from hormones to genetic disposition to presence of existing infection.

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