Bellafill – The First 5 Year Filler!

Bellafill, is the first truly long lasting filler available today. Used for treatment of facial folds and fine lines on the face and around the mouth, Bellafill is a unique hybrid gel filler consisting of synthetic microspheres suspended in collagen. These microspheres also help stimulate collagen production helping Bellafill to last longer than other fillers. These other fillers use ingredients that are absorbed into the body overtime, resulting in the need for more frequent treatments to maintain a fresh, younger appearance. Bellafill treatments are done in the comfort of our office and can be completed during a lunch hour. Approved by the FDA as the only long lasting filler in the US, Bellafill can provide almost immediate results with virtually no downtime for up to 5 years! Learn more, visit: Miami Cosmetic Derm

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