A New Year and A New You!

The new year is a great time to start a healthy skin care routine!  Begin by scheduling your annual skin exam to make sure you prevent or catch any skin conditions that may need treatment early when they can be easily corrected. During this exam our highly trained physicians will assess your skin and develop a personalized skin care treatment regime specifically for your skin needs to help you keep your skin looking its very best. We also have a VISIA digital imaging machine that produces a digital image of your face and skin to evaluate your skin. Then we will customize a treatment and skin care regimen best suited for your needs. We also offer myriad skin care options from topical treatments to facial rejuvenation treatments and techniques, such as Dermapen. Further we offer dermal fillers as well as lasers and radiofrequency treatments. Finally we offer the only all inclusive skin cancer treatment center in Miami. Here you can have comprehensive diagnostic tests as well as the very latest in skin cancer treatments in the comfort of our office. So as we begin this new year, remember to have taking good care of your skin as a top priority! Learn more visit Miami Cosmetic Derm!

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